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Jean Alerte is a young entrepreneur who felt it was right to chronicle his story and inspire others to follow their dreams. Jean provides for the aspiring and the new entrepreneur a GPS for success; highlighting valuable principles for personal and business development. Do Right, Do Good is an easy to read with conversational tone which encourages something very important-that to excel in business and even in life in order to do good, one should look to do things right.

“One major part of my success is my wife & her support.”At a very early age, Jean Alerte began expanding his work experiences ranging from producing shows, marketing, management and entrepreneurship. Jean was part of DECA, Delta Epsilon Chi Activities . His early work career coupled with family role models and corporate mentors, has molded Jean into a management and marketing guru in his own right.

Jean was introduced to an eventual Promotion/Entertainment advisor , who genuinely instilled in him the principles of accountability, morals, and integrity, which Jean incorporates into all of his business ventures. Jean’s motto is “Always do right”.

Jean has compiled a list of accomplishments that any company would be proud of and that span throughout many industries from event planning to sports and artist management. He has landed accounts with a host of venues in the New York Metropolitan area , which allowed him to successfully produce and manage successful events for entertainers and politicians.

Jean’s honest, and approachable persona allows him to deal with everyday people, as well as “A” list celebrities. Jean Alerte is here to ” alert” the entertainment industry of his can-do and know how expertise. He is the future in the Real Estate & Entertainment industry.

In “Do Right, Do Good: An Easy-To-Use Guidebook Towards Vision Fulfillment and Entrepreneurship” (ISBN 0615588573), Jean Alerte has created a guide that strives to empower people to pursue their own visions. This book draws on the entrepreneurial success of Alerte who entered the real estate business at the young age of 18. He went on to achieve lasting success in a number of business ventures including athlete management and producing events for entertainers and politicians. 

Throughout the book, Alerte shows his knack for turning a novel idea into a monetized operation. “The difference between success and failure boils down to one thing, finding out what the masses have done and making a conscious decision to go in the opposite direction,” says Alerte.

By writing this book, he hopes to show how others can achieve their own goals. Alerte makes sure readers do not confuse success with just simply earning a lot of money. As his mother told him, “Always do right by people and never take from anyone in a dishonest way!”

“Do Right, Do Good” aims to help young people who may be unsure of their place in life. It lays out the foundation for identifying what they want and who they are and enacting a game plan to achieve success. 

“The powerful and inspiring words of Alerte in ‘Do Right, Do Good’ gives me great confidence in the younger generation. He is a true leader of his generation and someone who continues to do great work!” says Russell Simmons, a co-founder of hip-hop label Def Jam Records and a business magnate known for his clothing lines and political activism.

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Jean Alerte - Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author of "Do Right, Do Good" An Easy-To-Use Guidebook Towards Vision Fulfillment and Entrepreneurship.
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